Terms and Conditions - Section One (Weddings and Portraits)

1. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement contains the entire understanding between TPAH Photography and the above named Bride and Groom. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. “We” refers to TPAH Photography and “You”, “Bride and Groom” and “Parties” refers to the Client named in the contract. The “Contract” is the contract signed by the Client and includes these terms and conditions. The “Wedding” refers to the wedding of the above named Bride and Groom.

TPAH Photography agrees to supply wedding photographs to you in accordance with the Contract. The Contract incorporates all the terms agreed between TPAH Photography and the Client and the only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by both parties. If the parties wish to waive or alter one provision of this agreement, it does not mean that any other provision is also waived.

2. RESERVATION / DEPOSIT: A signed contract and reservation fee are required to reserve the specified coverage. This will be set against the total fees payable by you. The financial terms of this agreement are explained further on (see clause 13 and 14). Failure to provide a reservation fee nulls and voids this contract.

3. PRE-EVENT CONSULTATION: The parties agree to a pre-event consultation before the event date in order to finalize the actual shooting times, locations, changes, extensions. It is possible that at this time any other participants such as the Videographer be present so all may participate in the structure of the affair. This avoids misunderstandings further down the road. Both the Videographer and the Photographer have a job to do and this is an opportunity to structure the best possible working environment and cooperative atmosphere.

4. DESIGNATED APPOINTEE: We recommend that a designated appointee be assigned the duties to assist the photographer to point out important individuals for informal or candid photographs. TPAH Photography will not be responsible for missing shots of those on the VIP list if there is no one to assist in identifying these people, if they don't show, if they are negative about being photographed, or they can't be located. Ultimately the Bride and Groom are responsible for ensuring punctuality and the co-operation of guests (if required).

5. SPECIAL REQUESTS: The Bride and Groom must ensure that any representation, promise or special request on which they rely and which is important to them is written on the Contract and signed by themselves and TPAH Photography. TPAH Photography will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable requests but cannot guarantee to be able to do so.

6. TIMING: If applicable, the Bride and/or Groom agree to set aside enough time before the ceremony to allow TPAH Photography to complete pre-wedding ceremony photographs. In addition, if required they also agree to allow TPAH Photography sufficient time after the wedding ceremony to gather people for photographs that could not be obtained during or before the wedding.

If the Bride or Groom is late to the point of preventing the desired images from being taken TPAH Photography shall not be held liable for lack of time to take desired photographs.

7. EXCLUSIVITY: TPAH Photography is the sole professional photographer appointed for the time allocated and any other terms agreed to in this document. Amateur photography by guests will be permitted but it is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to ensure that this does not interfere or conflict with the services TPAH Photography have agreed to provide.

8. DECISION MAKING: Unless otherwise stated in the contract, the BRIDE is the sole decision maker at the Wedding.

9. CHURCH, RECEPTION, and CATERING HALL RULES: The photographer is limited by the guidelines of ceremony officials and reception site management. The Bride and Groom agree to accept the technical results of their imposition on the photographer. Negotiation with the officials for moderation, changes, and adjustments of certain guidelines is the responsibility of the Bride and the Photographer. TPAH Photography is to be notified of any changes.

10. LIMITATIONS: TPAH Photography will discuss with the Bride and Groom general requirements and wishes in relation to the taking of the photographs. Please be aware that it may not be possible for these to be followed due to factors such as weather conditions, lighting conditions, the subjects being photographed and time constraints. The Bride and Groom, therefore, grant TPAH Photography full and unfettered artistic licence in relation to the content of the photographs, their arrangement, composition, location and the number of photographs taken. Photographs will be taken against the available backgrounds. Please note that TPAH Photography cannot move objects or perform other cosmetic duties on location.

11. NEGOTIATED TIME / ADDITIONAL TIME: The package fee includes all travel, pre-meetings and the timetable of the wedding day as well as all photographic and other materials consumed in producing the agreed presentation of the finished photographs. Any subsequent modification of this agreement may incur extra expense, for example, overnight accommodation and/or overtime payments if the wedding significantly over runs. The Bride and Groom will be informed of the occurrence of the need for these extra charges beforehand as well as the rate of charging. Receipts will be provided where justified.

12. ADDITONAL SERVICES: A separate fee will be charged for all additional services such as additional prints or products in accordance with current price lists, Retouching of digital files, digital manipulations and artist finishing may be available on request as additional services. The price of any additional services must be paid in full before delivery.

13. RESERVATION FEE: A reservation fee of £200 is paid to reserve the availability of the photographer. In the event of subsequent cancellation before the wedding on the part of the Bride and Groom, the reservation fee paid is non-refundable. If another wedding is subsequently contracted by TPAH Photography for that date, the deposit may be refunded if the reasons for cancellation are substantial and verified.

If the agreed date of the wedding is changed/postponed, TPAH Photography may at personal discretion (which will be exercised reasonably having regard for ability to obtain alternative work on the first agreed date and availability on the second date) agree not to treat the Contract as being cancelled but to provide the services on the postponed date and apply all monies paid by the Bride and Groom towards the fees for that day. If there is a conflict on the revised date the fee is NOT REFUNDED.

14. FEES: The balance of the package fee must be paid by the Bride and Groom no less than 4 (four) weeks prior to the date of the wedding. If the package fee is not paid by that date, TPAH Photography reserves the right not to provide any services until payment is made or to treat the Contract as being cancelled by the Bride and Groom. The provisions of clause 17 will then apply.

15. LIMITS OF LIABILITY: It is understood that in the unlikely event that the photographer is injured, becomes too ill to photograph the Wedding, or is detained for significant reason (for example: personal accident, motor accident, act of God) and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.

TPAH Photography takes the utmost care with respect to the delivered product. However, if the photographic materials become lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed for reasons beyond TPAH Photography’s control, liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.
The Bride and Groom agree to be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused to TPAH Photography by attending guests.

Under no circumstances will TPAH Photography’s liability to the Bride and Groom, whether for breach of contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise exceed the total amount paid under this Contract. If additional cover is required, a consideration of a policy of wedding insurance is recommended. Nothing in this Contract shall exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by TPAH Photography of those for whose acts we are responsible.

16. CANCELLATION: This Contract may be cancelled by the Client at any time by notice in writing. The Bride and Groom will then be liable to pay TPAH Photography compensation based on a percentage of the Package Fee depending upon when the notice is received:
121 days of more – Reservation Fee only
91 – 120 days – 50%
61 – 90 days – 60%
31 – 60 days – 75%
0 – 30 days – 100%

17. COPYRIGHT & ARTISTIC PROPERTY: Final payment for services rendered determines the release of the photographs of the Wedding to the Bride and Groom. No photography may be reproduced in any manner without the explicitly written permission of TPAH Photography with exception to the purchase of the DVD with reproduction rights. Copyright for all materials produced remains with TPAH Photography.

18. EXHIBITION: The Bride and Groom allow TPAH Photography to exhibit selected images resulting from their Wedding in a studio, as part of a professional portfolio, at exhibitions, or for marketing purposes (including competitions).

19. MODEL RELEASE: The Bride and Groom grants to TPAH Photography the right to use photographs taken at their Wedding for promotional marketing use on www.TPAHphotography.co.uk and printed material only. If any other release is required by the photographer, it must be gained by express written permission from the Bride and Groom.

20. DELIVERY OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Under normal conditions all photographic proofs will be available within 21 days of the wedding. Proofs will be supplied in the format agreed and in accordance with the package ordered. The delivery date of final materials will depend on the complexity and diversity of these items.

Prints and products must be ordered by the Client and guests within 24 months of the wedding. After this time TPAH Photography cannot guarantee being able to fulfil the order and it will be subject to the current price list.

21. PHOTOGRAPHIC ABNOMAILITIES: All exposures are of nominal size. Every effort will be made to provide an identical colour balance between photographs but this may not always be possible due to factors such as lighting conditions and digital sensor limitations. Prints made on different occasions or in different sizes may also vary. Accordingly, no warranty is given that an exact colour match can be provided.

22. IMAGE SIZE (FOR IMAGES ON A DVD): Sizes stated below are based on first the highest standard photographic printing quality (300dpi) and secondly the lowest standard photographic printing quality (180dpi).
Low resolution (3MP) = 6x4 – 12x8 inches
Medium resolution (6MP) = 10x7 – 16x12 inches
High resolution (up to 12MP) = 13x9 – 22x16 inches

Terms and Conditions - Section Two (Web Site Use and Sales)

1. WEB SITE CONTENT. All content displayed on this website, http://www.tpahphotography.co.uk is owned by TPAH Photography and must not be reproduced or copied in any form except with written permission from the copyright holder.

2. TIME LIMITED CONTENT. All content on this site can be taken down without notice at any time. Be aware that any items in your shopping cart that you may have when an item is removed from the website will also be removed from your shopping cart. We will keep all client galleries active for a minimum of two years from the date the gallery was added. After then it is at the discretion of TPAH Photography to take them down unless otherwise pre-arranged.

3. CONTENT CHANGE. All content is subject to change without notice. This includes photographs throughout the website if they are to be updated or removed. Any changes to photographs on the site will automatically cause the photographs to be removed from any active shopping cart without notice.

4. ORDER. All web site orders are kept on the website and may be found using your unique order number that will be sent via email to the payee email address. All orders are kept on a secure database where your email address and home address will be stored with the order. No financial details will be kept on this website.

5. PAYMENT. All payments through this website are handled via PayPal No financial information is sent between TPAH Photography and PayPal. Only the delivery name and address. TPAH Photography can not be held responsible for any fraud that may arise from using the PayPal system however every effort is made to make payments as secure as possible. A payment confirmation email will be sent to the payee email address used to complete payment via PayPal. You should receive an email both from PayPal and from TPAH Photography to confirm the order and that payment has been received. If, for what ever reason, you do not receive a confirmation email from either PayPal or TPAH Photography please contact us as soon as possible.

6. DELIVERY. Delivery of items will vary depending on supplies and courier time. We aim to deliver within 14 working days from receiving payment. There may be times when situations beyond our control that prevent orders being dispatched on time. If there are known issues that are preventing regular delivery we will contact you directly via email to advise you of the situation. If however your order has been dispatched and has been updated on our website but you are still waiting for it to arrive please contact us directly and we will investigate further. All orders are sent via first class signed delivery or standard parcels for larger items or special delivery for high value items.

7. REFUNDS. Refunds will be given for goods received incorrectly providing the incorrect goods are returned to us using the address stated on your delivery receipt. Goods that arrive damaged will be refunded/re-sent. Please contact us directly to make arrangements. However any goods that have been signed for when received will not be refunded so please check your goods before you sign for them. No warranties are given on any products however please feel free to contact us if you feel that you have an issue with any item. All items are completely hand checked before they are sent.

8. COMPLETING AN ORDER. By completing an order online through this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated here. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions please do not complete an order.